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Green View Technologies Inc. (GVT) is the first used oil re-refining facility in the Northeast United States. The state of the art facility processes used lubricating oil back into a quality base oil for reuse in new lubrication oil. Not only does this preserve a valuable resource, but it also significantly reduces air emissions in comparison to burning for heat recovery, which is currently the most common method of used oil disposal.

Re-refining technology cleans and restores used oil in a process that is not only more energy efficient than burning, but also more environmentally responsible. This closed loop process of collecting, cleaning, and reintroducing the oil back into it's original use can be done over and over again indefinitely. This is an important step towards conserving our resources and protecting our environment; factors that GVT takes very seriously.

Green View Technologies' business model is based on the founders' beliefs that conserving our resources and protecting the environment are priorities in today's world.
Reduces Air Emissions

Conserves Resources

Conserves Energy

Reduces Foreign Oil Dependence
Green View Technologies Inc.; Improving our environment while conserving limited oil resources
Benefits of used oil re-processing
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