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Green View Technologies Inc.; Improving our environment while conserving limited oil resources
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Restoring used oil, helping the environment
Re-processing used oil saves significant energy.

Furthermore, re-refining used oil reduces dependence on foreign oil. A U.S. Department of Energy Report on Used Oil Re-refining estimates that of the 945 + million gallons of recycled used oil each year 83% is burned and 17% is re-refined. Transforming all of the used oil that is currently combusted back into new lube would save 63 million gallons of oil a year.
Re-refining the used oil cleans and restores the oil to the quality of new base oil. Then the new additives are blended in, and the product is renewed. This closed loop process can be done over and over again indefinitely. This is an important step towards conserving our resources.
Lubricating Oil does not "go bad"; it simply loses its lubrication effectiveness due to dirt and the breakdown of additives.
While burning used oil for heat creates air emissions that are harmful to our environment, re-refining used oil eliminates greenhouse gases, heavy metals, sulfur and other compounds that are released into the air when used oil is burned.
as 42 gallons of traditionally refined crude oil, while only using about one third of the energy!
Just 1 gallon of used oil yields the same volume of lube base oil
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